English Teachers wanted in Thailand

Vacancies in Satun, Trang and Phuket

Job description

Teachers are required to teach in Government Schools in Satun, Trang and Phuket starting May 2014.

  • Requirements:
  • • Candidate must be no older than 40 years of age
  • • Candidate must have bachelor’s degree
  • • Candidate must adapt to Thai schools grading/scoring system
  • • Candidate must be flexible to adapt to Thai culture and extracurricular activities in schools

Salary: 30,000 THB per month
Contract: A year (renewable - based on teachers' performance)

  • Essential Info
  • 1 Working hours from 7:45am until 4:30pm
  • 2 Working days from Mondays through Fridays
  • 3 Teaching 50 mins periods; totalling 22 to 24 periods a week
  • 4 Typical class has 30 to 40 students
  • 5 Curriculum, Syllabus, Textbooks and Worksheets are provided
  • 6 Internet, photo copying and library facilities available
  • 7 Student grades must be submitted at the end of every semester
  • Schools begin by the first week of May.

  • Additional Info:
  • 1 Accommodation: Non-financial assistance in finding an apartment
  • 1 Valid employment visa, work permit are obtained for every teacher
  • 1 A local bank account into which your salary are deposited will arranged

Advertiser : Learningspheres, Sai Mai Road, Sai Mai. Bangkok 10220 Thailand

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