Our Website Design


We designed this website; it's our job.

We like our website and we hope you do too. We designed it to be clean, uncluttered, simple to use and informative, and we think we did a fairly good job of it. It works just as well for mobile phone and tablet browsers as it does for normal computers. Not bad for a bunch of ex-teachers.

In this case, 'we' means Beendesigned, a small website design agency created a couple of years ago by three ex-teachers, Brian, Richard and Nieves. Originally we specialised in designing websites for teachers and language schools, particularly in Italy and Spain, where we had a lot of friends and contacts. We also designed and run several not-for-profit websites, including MilanoInglese and RomaInglese which are aimed at promoting freelance teachers working privately in Italy. Over time, of course, we started to get requests from all sorts of people, and so our business widened its scope a little.

In addition, we're unashamed cat and dog lovers and recently started building a small network of websites to help promote high quality catteries and kennels in the UK. The first websites are online now and the main website is www.britishcatteries.co.uk

Are you thinking of getting a website?

If you're thinking of getting an effective but affordable website, get in touch. Send an email explaining what you want to admin@beendesigned.com. We can help!

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