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Children's Digital Library

This is a superb website for both teachers of young children and their parents. The site allows visitors to browse and read children's books for kids aged 3-13. The library is truly multicultural and multi-lingual, with books available in well over 50 languages. There is also an iPad version of this award-winning site.

Even though teachers and parents will love this site, there is a specific children's section, with book trivia, author interviews, and homework help, making this children's library more inviting to younger visitors.

Children can explore literature and culture from around the world by clicking on a little animated globe and can search the library by country, language, and title or just browse through the collections.

The International Children's Digital Library is designed to help books live on in their native language, provide a deeper understanding of different cultures, and foster a child's knowledge of their own heritage. The International Children's Digital Library is heaven for children who are bookworms, and also a fantastic resource for teachers.


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