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If you are an English teacher, teaching English either as a first or second language, you can submit your details for inclusion in our new teacher directory. The directory will list English teachers (and their websites) from around the world.

Our teacher directory aims to list English teacher websites. By that, we mean websites owned by you, an English teacher, and which promotes you, your skills or services. All submissions must comply with our simple requirements:

  • You must provide a contact name plus a valid and working contact email address.
  • Your contact email address must use the same domain name as your website.
  • Provide a description yourself and what you are ofering via your website, of no less than 200 words

Submissions which are incomplete, use fake names or email addresses or without adequate descriptions will be deleted without being considered. In addition, submissions for websites which have existed for less than a year are unlikely to be accepted. We reserve the right to decline submissions without giving explanations.

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Provide a description

Please provide a description of you and/or your website of approximately 200 words, but please do not just cut and paste text from your website as we cannot use previously published text.
Your description needs to tell visitors to this site what your site is about, and why they would want to visit it.

ALL fields must be completed.
Once you have finished, copy the write the word shown in the image below (exactly as shown) and press 'Submit'. Once your submission has been posted you will be taken to a new page.

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