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If you or the organisation you represent offer online English courses or online English lessons, you can submit your website for inclusion into our listings. Registration is open to all online providers, big or small, via this page. This includes organisations offering courses via platforms such as Moodle or Blackboard, and also individual teachers offering lessons via Skype, or similar platforms.

Online courses or lessons can be aimed at English students of any level and at any age, and can be for students who are studying English as a first or second language. Where a website or organisation offers or promotes a wider range of courses, such as other languages, English language teaching must be visibly identifiable as the main subject.

Before you submit....

Sites offering online courses can only be submitted by their owners or managers. The contact email address provided must be on the website domain, otherwise the submission will be deleted automatically. We do not accept submissions from third parties and we always ensure that the contact details are valid before we even think about listing a site.

If you wish to submit a site you must:

  • Provide a verifiable contact name and email address on the website domain.
  • Provide the full url and a title for the site to be used in the listings.
  • Have a full and fully functional website, not something still in construction.
  • Provide a description (no less than 250 words) of what the site provides and who it is for.
  • We ask all commercial sites listed to provide a (follow) link to our website.
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Commercial Websites

This website, is a non-commercial not for profit website run by volunteers who want to do create a useful resource. We don't charge anybody money for anything and don't carry advertising. For that reason we require that all commercial websites which are included in our listings to provide a 'follow' link on their website back to this site. After all, if our website is good enough that you want to be listed in it, it must also be good enough to recommend to your own site visitors.

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Details of person making this submission

We reserve the right to decline submissions and/or to delete listings at our discretion at any time without giving explanations. Websites which are less than a year old are highly unlikely to be accepted.


Describe the website, who is behind it, what it offers and who it is aimed at. Descriptions should be around 200-300 words in length and should not contain text simply cut and pasted from the website being submitted!


By default, we use a screenshot image of your website for your listing. However, if you have an image or images which you would like us to use, you may upload them here. We cannot guarantee to use the images, but we will try to do so where practical and where images are appropriate.

png or jpg files only - Max size 500Kb

png or jpg files only - Max size 500Kb

ALL fields must be completed unless marked as optional. Once you are finished, copy the word in the image (below) exactly as shown and press 'Submit'. After a few seconds you will be taken to a new page. If you see an error message, check all fields have been completed and then try again.

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