ELT Training

ELT Training

If you are thinking about training to be an English teacher, if you are doing a CELTA or Cert TESOL course or if you have just started teaching, this site is worth a visit. The website elt-training.com was started by Jo Gakonga, an English teacher since 1989, and teacher-trainer since 2000.

Jo is an experienced CELTA and Cert TESOL trainer and knows that for many people, especially native English speakers, can have difficulties geting to grips with the nomenclature and systems of English grammar. Through the website www.elt-training.com Jo offers specialist on-line teacher training for English language teachers.

The online course deals with parts of speech and verb tenses that you need to be able to teach as well as covering some of the more difficult areas of grammar (conditionals, the present perfect, the future etc) to illustrate and help teachers avoid problems when teaching these topics.

ELT Training - ESL teacher training

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