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Josie's Poems

There are very websites which we would recommend to absolutely everybody, but this is one. This delightful website contains some of Josie Whitehead's poems, written to charm children into a love of poetry. The visitor counter on the welcome page tells you all you need to know. As a teacher, Josie's poems are a valuable teaching resource. As a child, a teenager or adult, Josie's poems are a delight to read.

We weren't sure what else we ought to say, so we decided to ask Josie herself to introduce her own website!

Author's introduction

"This website contains hundreds of my own original poems for children of every age group. The poems fall into every kind of category. My main focus has been on writing poetry in the style of the classic writers, ie with metre/rhythm and rhyme, although for older children there are many different styles."

I have concentrated on this because (a) children in my local school for whom I wrote, told me they liked this type of poetry, especially if it had stories. (b) Being a teacher myself I am aware that this style of poetry promotes phonological awareness, a key literacy tool and (c) This type of poetry is much sought after by teachers wanting performance poetry for their classrooms. The poems were chosen by teachers in my area in their hundreds for publishing and last year they went into 188 countries of the world from my website.

My website contains my own books, most being un-illustrated, so that teachers can print off material for their classes, plus articles designed to help teachers with the teaching of poetry to their children.

Josie's Poems

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