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TED Talks

For teachers who haven't come acress it yet, TED is a nonprofit concern devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Every year, thinkers and doers from a multitude of backgrounds and disciplines are brought together and challenged to give the talk of their lives, in a maximum of 18 minutes. Aside from their potential value as lesson materials, the talks can also be fascinating on a personal level.

The website ted.com makes the best talks and performances available for free. There are more than 1200 TEDTalks now available, all subtitled in English. In terms of teaching potential, they may be of particular interest to those Teaching Business English, even if only in terms of assessing the presentational methods of each speaker. Regardless of your reasons for visiting it, we think you'll probably get stuck on it for a few hours...as we did!

We also highly recommend visiting the educational sister site http://ed.ted.com/series too.

TED Talks

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