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Ken Wilson is a teacher trainer, an author of ELT materials and until 2002, artistic director of the English Teaching Theatre. He has also written radio and TV programmes for BBC English. This is his blog, and it's superb.

In addition to reading the blogposts by Ken and his guest-bloggers, you can also download copies of his talks, sketches, songs. songs, short plays and even a short story.

Extract from the 'about this site' page; The original idea of this blog was to provide a place where I could give my sketches and songs away for free. They have all been published at some time or other and in some form or other and now – for some reason or other – they're out of print. I wrote about 150 ELT songs and co-wrote 100 or so English Teaching Theatre sketches. Little by little, I'm making them available here, plus ideas for how to use them. All of this completely free. I have got a lot out of this business and am trying to give something back.

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