Teaching English in Taiwan

Find an ESL teaching job in Taiwan

Introduction - working as an ESL teacher in Taiwan

Taiwan isn't China, as any local will tell you. It's another world, and teaching English in Taiwan offers a teacher more than the average teaching job. The island offers a variety of experiences and scenery. The eastern and western coasts are different; the east being fairly remote and the main cities located on the western shores.

The majority of work is to be found in the main cities, and there is demand for teachers of all levels, from Kindergarden to teachers working in-company. ESL teachers are in demand in Taiwan throughout the year and English teacher jobs are available through public and private schools, language schools, universities and colleges.

The Taiwanese are a gracious, respectful, family-oriented, and hard-working people. They value humility and patience, and are careful to guard the honor of family and others. The people are not fond of confrontation and deal with problems in a calm manner, to avoid 'losing face'. This can lead to protracted debates which some westerners may find frustrating, so if patience isn't one of your virtues, work on it!

Qualifications and salaries

Teachers require proper documents and a work visa to work as an ESL teacher in Taiwan and a degree and TEFL certification is required. English teachers can expect generous salaries in Taiwan, with the majority of adverts offering anywhere between NT$40,200 – NT$75,000 per month.