Teaching English in Vietnam

Find an ESL teaching job in Vietnam

Introduction - working as an ESL teacher in Vietnam

Vietnam has become a popular destination for EFL teachers. Teachers can enjoy a comfortable standard of living, the culture is fascinating, the people are friendly, and the food is delicious.

Ho Chi Minh City is the commercial centre of Vietnam. It's a vibrant and interesting place, where old world charm meets modernity. The city is in a state of constant development and new buildings are cropping everywhere as more and more foreign investment arrives.

Teaching English is largely an enjoyable and rewarding experience, with students who are committed and know the importance of English as a second language. Most of your students will be studying English to get a good-paying job in a multinational company or the tourism industry.

Qualifications and work permits and salaries

You need a work permit to teach in Vietnam. To qualify for a work permit you must a university degree and TEFL certification, plus a clean bill of health and a criminal record check. However, there is an unusual opt-out. If you can provide a letter stating that you have 7 years of teaching experience, it is a legally acceptable alternative. The letter can be from one or several previous employers. Once you have a work permit (valid for 3 years) you can obtain a visa. Salaries are generally around the US$900-1800 a month level, depending on your experience and qualifications.